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Leather, the essential raw material in footwear, clothing, home decor and various other items, is a highly fashionable object all over the world. Fashion is a prevalent aspect of our everyday lives, defining our identities and augmenting our self expression. Leather, as the bearer of fashion is thus a ubiquitous part of our being.
Keeping in mind the world demand for leather goods and accessories, we at Karim Leathers Limited produce leather of unmatched top notch quality. Cow hides, which is our major raw material is collected from local traders to assure their freshness and quality.

  • At Karim Leathers Limited we endeavor for the highest standards in product quality. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance here, as we believe they are the reason of our being. We hold on to strong corporate morals and ethics and strive to serve not only our immediate stakeholders but also the nation as a whole.

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    Reazul Karim Ansari, Chairman

our top priorities

  • Quality Assuarance

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Customer Satisfaction

What We Do?

Karim Leathers Limited is defined by the uniqueness of the products it produces. This emblem has earned us a place of recognition and glory in the world market. We make a difference not just with our strict quality control and excellent finishing, but also with the types of products we produce. KLL has its own Research and Development unit, working tirelessly to create products that only KLL alone can produce in the country.

Our Products

The finest leather from the house of KARIM

Cow Omega Classic

Ideal for shoe upper, this is marked by the following attributes:

  • Loose free
  • Very tight grain
  • Very good tensile strength
  • Wanted run property
  • No hazardous chemical inside the leather
  • Very good flexing endurance

Cow Full Chrome

Also ideal for shoe upper, this is very popular throughout the world for shoe uppers and are of the following attributes.

  • Very tight grain and loose free article
  • Good polished item
  • Desirable stretchability
  • Good roundness
  • No hazardous chemical inside the leather
  • Good flexing endurance

Cow Semi-Chrome Natural or Other Colour

This full chrome white crust is ideal for shoe uppers as well. Its features are:

  • No excess phenolic or aldehyde chemicals, an important feature for this article
  • Good roundness
  • Loose free and tight grain
  • Very low levels of free formaldehyde present at the side of the leather

Cow Omega Classic

Another ideal leather for shoe uppers, this product is unique to Karim only making it hugely popular in the world market. The attributes of this product are:

  • Very good absorbency
  • Tight grain and loose free
  • Good boldness and tensile strength
  • Very low levels of free formaldehyde
  • No NPE inside the leather

Cow Wendy

It is a very softly milled leather and another great hit in the world market. The features noteworthy here are:

  • Ability to retain every physical property which is very necessary for shoe making
  • Even milling and good cutting value
  • No hazardous chemical inside the leather

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